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Review of Segway Ghost Tour

By Danny Ocean (it's really me, Kahar! Secret identities, remember???)

Entertainment and Tourism Industries of Bespin

Review of Segway Ghost Tour by Danny Ocean

I would strongly recommend the Bespin Ghost Tour. I showed up with my companion Roach with no reservation and was immediately brought to my Segway by T’yuth, the wonderful tour guide. 5 other tourists were with us: a family of Nautolans and an older human. T’yuth gave us excellent instructions on how to steer our Segways and gave us all a short range communicator so that we could hear the ghastly tales of Bespin’s supernatural elements.
I don’t want to spoil too many of the hauntings which lurk under Bespin’s serene visage, but I will say that you will not be disappointed. The Nautolan female child fainted once when we were told the tale of the Bespin Strangler.
T’yuth told us about the history of Bespin’s gas mining and the Ugnaughts who perished bringing precious goods to the galaxy. I could almost hear the moans of their souls as we rolled by derelict mining shafts. My companion seemed shellshocked as he simply stared straight ahead with a blank look.
We had a chance to get to know our fellow tourists. The old woman had plenty of questions for me. But the ghosts! Oh man! That was the best part. I heard one of the Nautolan’s mutter that it looked like holo-projectors, but I don’t think so. T’yuth was very open to my several questions and even encouraged me to travel a bit on my own, but I have no experience on how to face ghosts on my own so I declined.
We stopped for a quick snack after 20 minutes in the shade of an abandoned (and obviously HAUNTED) inn. Roach spoke a bit with the Nautolans and the old lady wanted to talk more with me, but I simply had to her more tales from our excellent guide! He gave me a special mask to use which he said would allow me to see more ghosts! I didn’t seem to see more and it was impossible to speak with T’yuth while wearing the mask so I was not able to get clear directions on how to use it. That was a bummer, but I appreciate the sentiment. T’yuth wanted me to wear the mask for a longer period so I could enjoy the experience more, but I declined as I wouldn’t be able to ask him questions.
If you have some spare time and want a haunting, thrilling, and incredible journey, head over to the Bespin Ghost Tour. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.



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