Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

NOVACOM Communication - Jungle Storm Briefing

Operation Jungle Storm - Progress Report

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.7.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42819
Operation Jungle Storm Debrief

Agent Maakzoor (aka Mister Sinister)

I received your recent mission report. Interesting use of code names. I trust that this holocom channel is indeed secure.

As for Operation Jungle Storm, word of Umbra Squads exploits reached my ears before your report. Yes, I reviewed the holonews feeds out of Iziz. I can only assume these were the results of Umbra Squad actions in the vicinity. I think a bit more subtly would be in order next time. Aerial dog fights in the air space above an Imperially controlled city is not what I would call a low profile. Rumors across the city involve stormtroopers blasting away civilians in the main ship yards. Tsk Tsk Agent Maakzoor!

Fortunately for Umbra Squad, Moff Dardona has created all manner of fictions to cover this up, but he is suspicious. All intel reports that he is eyeing Admiral Corlen. The admiral is entirely in the dark for the time being which is a boon. Let’s hope it stays that way. It was a bit of a risk on your part to involve one of Moff Dardano’s direct operatives. I hope Mr. Malek was able to cover your tracks. Let the Moff and the Admiral suspect each other for now.

Congratulations are in order however for securing Whisper Base. This will be a useful asset for NOVACOM now that Moff Dardano has been relieved of it. I hope that Kahar and Trowa have not made too much of a mess there. It’s a pity that the Rebels were able to have the run of the place for two weeks before we could secure it. Moff Dardano will be paying dearly for his little operational blunder. Please see the current Mission Punchlist if Umbra Squad would like to take part in this reprisal.

As for the two rebel operatives, commence interrogations immediately. We have heard a few reports regarding Drevin Squad. See what information you can squeeze out of this Rego and Grexi regarding any current Rebel movements or centers of operation. It will also be of interest to see what type of information this Doma Alar was trying to gleam from Admiral Corlin’s Navy Communications. Dispose of the operatives and Lieutenant Sarev once they are of no more use. I’m afraid it is quite necessary for you to eliminate any civilian witnesses regarding the location and knowledge of Whisper Base. We can’t have any loose tongues out there. Might I suggest that Agent Flynn play an important role in any civilian neutralizations. His decision matrix may need reconditioning.

I am pleased to hear that the other Umbra Squad operatives are shaping up into something manageable. Report back once you have centered on a new course of action and if there are any intensified personnel issues.



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