Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

NOVACOM Communication - Jungle Fire Debrief

Confidential Document

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 14.8.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 43850
Operation Jungle Fire Debrief

Umbra Squad,

Congratulations on completing Operating Jungle Fire. Captain Trowa’s report was very interesting as was specialist Kahar’s. Your primary and secondary objectives were met so there is that to approve of. Normally, I would not be pleased to see such reckless use of experimental proton bombs in a covert operation such as this, but unbeknownst to you, your hasty choice to disintegrate a substantial sector of the Onderon country side had unintended benefits. It seems that Moff Dardano “acquired” that experimental ordinance from a very important imperial science station. Needless to say, it was not meant to be used the way that it was, but there is no point in not using the data obtained from it’s detonation. Those tests were still years out. I suspect Moff Dardano was going to use it to wipe his little installation off the map. Covering his tracks perhaps.

Your apparent plan to draw out the Moff was a bold move that seemed to work and you maintained your cover…barely. Commander Ploom and Agent Tycho has sent me some observational reports of varying approval. Agent Tycho was impressed with what he saw, although he believes there are a few kinks to work out with your group’s cohesion. Still, both he and Commander Ploom see potential in your team. I trust that Agent Maakzoor and Captain Trowa can continue to show improvements on that. Hopefully, the conditioning provided by the Davik Sisters will help poor Mr. Flynn avoid any further instances of ethical confusion.

Inferno Squad will be pulling out of Whisper Base shortly. I am sending in some maintenance crews to upgrade the base and repair any damages. NOVACOM is interested in utilizing the base for future operations. Consider Whisper Base to be a safe port of call if your squad needs a place to rest up and reassess. Just be sure to maintain the base’s strict confidentiality.

As for your Squad’s name, “Chaos Squad” is entirely out of the question. Perhaps this is some sort of attempt at a jest, Captain Trowa. I fail to see the humor in it. We are the Empire and “chaos” is the very thing we are trying to avoid! Chaos is what the rebel scum want. You of all people should know that. I will hear no more of that nonsense.

Instead, NOVACOM leadership would like to see more subtle and covert tactics taken by UMBRA Squad. In fact, your request for the Bespin Operation was almost rejected based on your performance in Operation Jungle Fire. Bespin will take a highly coordinated and DISCREET focus from Umbra Squad. More details on Bespin will be forth coming.

All in all, you got the job done and I can’t complain about that. Moff Dardano being captured alive was a huge boon, especially because his death is so easily plausible. The Emperor himself has noted his satisfaction with that particular outcome. Take that as you will.

Till next time,

Commander Drumane Out



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