Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Message to Landing Dock via Airbike Courier

Deliver to "Capitan Dash Caspian"


I know you are here, but I don’t know why. If you think for one parsec that I am coming back to that life then you are a fool. Besides Mother would turn me over to ISB in a heartbeat for interrogation.

I have a new family now. A family who cares. They know where your loyalties lie. They know you are here too. Consider this a warning. You need to leave Cloud City now. You are not safe. There is more than one fox in this hen house.

Consider us even.

Don’t come looking for me,


p.s. You might want to move your ship. ISB being asking about “Captain Caspian” and your “merchant crew” for whatever reasons.



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