Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Mission Update: Operation - Jungle Storm

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.6.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42375
Re: Operation Jungle Storm

Umbra Squad

Now that your are well on your way to the Japreal System, it is time that you were briefed on some additional details regarding Operation: Jungle Storm.

Firstly, you should know that the following information is highly sensitive which is why I have taken the precaution of informing you after you have already departed for Onderon. It is one part a security measure and one part evaluation of your squad’s ability to adapt to intel. Good luck.

(Sketch of Onderon jungle – Imperial Archives)

As you are probably well aware of, Onderon has been under Imperial Control for the past 30 years. The planet is primarily made up dense jungle and a troublesome miasma of apex predators. There is but one major urban center on the whole planet, Iziz, which is administered by Moff Dardano. Near Iziz is an Imperial Army/Navy Ordinance Depot called Jyrele Base. Jyrele Base is administered by the Imperial Garrison headed by Admiral Corlen. Admiral Corlen maintains space superiority in the Japreal System where as Moff Dardano oversees administrative needs. It seems that a rather severe rivalry has erupted over the past few years and has created an unfortunate situation.

Moff Dardano

Admiral Corlen

Hopefully you are already beginning to surmise where this is going. Whisper Base is not actually a sanctioned Imperial listening outpost. It is an outpost which Moff Dardano established in the remote jungle in order to spy on Admiral Corlen. Whisper Base has the ability to intercept all of Admiral Corlen’s incoming and outgoing encoded Imperial communications. Needless to say, Moff Dardano has constructed a huge liability. Furthermore, he has done this using Imperial resources that he has skimmed off the top of shipping traffic to Iziz. His motives seem to be rooted in personal gain and avarice for Corlen. Unfortunately, his internal security is messy and rebel spies have discovered his little outpost and have managed to take it over.

According to our most recent reports, Moff Dardano does not currently know that his little side project has been targeted and aquired by an elite rebel squad. NOVACOM obviously does and that is why you are being sent in to clean up the mess.

First Mission Objective: resecure Whisper Base before the Rebels learn how to break Dardano’s encryption measures. Dealing with the rebels is left to your discretion. Obviously they are to be eliminated but it wouldn’t hurt to discover what they know. You are to do this without alerting Moff Dardano or Admiral Corlen.

Second Mission Objective: locate and secure Imperial Lieutenant Sarev and ascertain how much he knows. Be aware: Lieutenant Sarev for all intents and purposes is Dardano’s man. Under no circumstances should he be allowed to escape or contact Dardano. We would like to keep Moff Dardano in the dark until we learn just how much damage he has caused. Neutralize Sarev he becomes too much of a nuisance.

Third Mission Objective: although it is unlikely, secure and report any intelligence you might find regarding the insurgents. Example: command structure, other squads, locations of any hidden rebel bases, especially if they are in the Japreal system. Do they have a ship? Driods? Location? You know the drill.

Related Intel:
There are a few small villages out in the jungles made up human exiles of questionable character. It seems that Dardano has utilized at least one of these villages as a source of discreet labor to build Whisper Base.
The jungles are also home to a wide variety of apex predators known to hunt and eat humans. Be cautious in your approach to the target.
Some primitive tribes of humans have learned to tame and utilize the local fauna as a means of transportation and security. It is highly unlikely that you will run into any of these, but local reports in Iziz indicate these tribal gangs can be extremely hostile and dangerous.

Report back once you have completed these mission objectives. Use this secure line on the Vornskr. Remember, it is only a matter of time before the insurgent forces break Dardano’s codes and find out whatever he has been digging up on Admiral Corlen. Furthermore, it also only a matter of time before Moff Dardano realizes something is amiss out in his jungle bungalow and sends someone to investigate.

Commander Drumane Out



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