Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Mission Update: Operation Understory

Encrypted Transmission from ISS Vornskyr

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.8.24
Confidential Document

To: Commander >> OID # 42375
From: Chaos Squad >> Mister Sinister
Re: Operation Understory

Commander Complacent:

I am pleased to report that Chaos Squad’s operations are proceeding smoothly with regard to Target Individual and Target Object. We are well-positioned to achieve all mission objectives, but this update is to inform you that we have already accomplished an additional objective that you should convey to the highest levels.

We have eliminated a Jedi. I am attaching all detailed information we gleaned on this individual to this message, but I am sure our Master has already felt that the Light has dimmed this day. She was a formidable foe, but still she fell before us and her blade is ours.

I am also pleased to report that all squad members have been performing within acceptable parameters and have been coordinating with improved efficiency.

Mister Tactical’s gunnery skills have been critical to our success, and his stable presence has served to rein in the more eccentric impulses of the others.

Mister Tattoo continues to exhibit odd and inconveniently erratic behavior at times, but his battle prowess and loyalty are beyond question. Though his progress has been painful for him, he is becoming a potent weapon.

So too has Mister Twitch shown great progress, and in the course of this operation I believe he has truly begun to embrace his passion and surpass his past. I will continue to foster his growth and ensure his direction.

Mister Brainbox’s slicing continues to be vital to our efforts, though I have sensed some rebellion beneath his habitual flippancy. We will watch him closely as we maximize his utility.

Mister Metal remains something of an unknown quantity and has spent significant time in recharge mode, but we have maintained the restraining bolt and he has fulfilled the tasks he has been given.

As for me, I have attained the deepest depths of the Dark.

While we have dispatched with the Rebel presence here, we have yet to encounter the ISB. If you are able to provide any further information in this regard, we would prefer to avoid damaging them if possible. But either way, Chaos Squad will be victorious.

Empire Forever.

Mister Sinister



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