Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

ATTN: Umbra Squad
Operational Parameters

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.5.23
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42367
ATTN: Umbra Squad Recruits

Umbra Squad Recruits

By now you should all be briefed on the extreme confidential nature of your new assignments. I hope you take these next few days to acquaint yourselves with one another and establish an internal command structure. I know this will be quite different for some of you who are used to a more regimented protocol. This is however, quite a different “branch” of the Imperial Military and your squad will be given a certain amount of discretion in how you carry out operations. What is certain, is that you report directly to me, unless otherwise instructed by myself. Consider the establishment of your internal command to be your first test as a new squad. I am looking forward to seeing quality leadership skills in use.

Umbra Squad Membership is based on your unique innate talents and/or on your demonstrated skills in the field. Each of your candidacies has been considered and vetted by the highest offices of Imperial Command. Your missions will vary in nature, but will often require a certain amount of discretion and subterfuge. You may even find some mission objectives to be “testing” the efficiency of other Imperial Operatives including, but not limited to, Imperial Intelligence, Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, and other Deep Cover Squads not dissimilar to Umbra Squad. Overall, however, your missions will be specifically targeting Rebel Terrorist Activities including logistical targets and high profile neutralizations. The “Rebel Alliance”, as they like to call themselves, have spies everywhere, including some Imperial Facilities. Do not be surprised if you find yourself in exotic settings under false identities.

The Empire cannot afford to let weakness persist within its ranks. Traitors will not be tolerated. That’s how we end up with incidents like the Yavin Massacre. With that in mind, know that security is tight and some intelligence will not be available to you. It is imperative that the intel that you are entrusted with, remains confidential. In fact, your squad’s very existence is confidential and you are expected to keep it that way.

Do well and your unit will be rewarded with new resources and increased trust, not to mention the gratitude of the Emperor. Do poorly, and my reputation and NOVACOM’s reputation will suffer. Needless to say, failure will not be tolerated lightly.

NOVACOM’s Operational Punchlist will be made available to you shortly. Know that other elite squads may be carrying out parallel missions and may impact the success of your operations. I am aware that a certain culture of rivalry has persisted between squads in the past. To some extent, this is healthy and encouraged but I expect professionalism and mission success above all else. In some cases, I may require your cooperation with other squads. It’s important to remember we are all fighting for the same Empire and against the same enemy.

For now, I am intersted to see how your newly formed team performs in the field. I look forward to reviewing your mission logs. With that, I wish you luck.

Empire Triumphant,

Commander Drumane

Mission Update: Operation - Jungle Storm

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.6.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42375
Re: Operation Jungle Storm

Umbra Squad

Now that your are well on your way to the Japreal System, it is time that you were briefed on some additional details regarding Operation: Jungle Storm.

Firstly, you should know that the following information is highly sensitive which is why I have taken the precaution of informing you after you have already departed for Onderon. It is one part a security measure and one part evaluation of your squad’s ability to adapt to intel. Good luck.

(Sketch of Onderon jungle – Imperial Archives)

As you are probably well aware of, Onderon has been under Imperial Control for the past 30 years. The planet is primarily made up dense jungle and a troublesome miasma of apex predators. There is but one major urban center on the whole planet, Iziz, which is administered by Moff Dardano. Near Iziz is an Imperial Army/Navy Ordinance Depot called Jyrele Base. Jyrele Base is administered by the Imperial Garrison headed by Admiral Corlen. Admiral Corlen maintains space superiority in the Japreal System where as Moff Dardano oversees administrative needs. It seems that a rather severe rivalry has erupted over the past few years and has created an unfortunate situation.

Moff Dardano

Admiral Corlen

Hopefully you are already beginning to surmise where this is going. Whisper Base is not actually a sanctioned Imperial listening outpost. It is an outpost which Moff Dardano established in the remote jungle in order to spy on Admiral Corlen. Whisper Base has the ability to intercept all of Admiral Corlen’s incoming and outgoing encoded Imperial communications. Needless to say, Moff Dardano has constructed a huge liability. Furthermore, he has done this using Imperial resources that he has skimmed off the top of shipping traffic to Iziz. His motives seem to be rooted in personal gain and avarice for Corlen. Unfortunately, his internal security is messy and rebel spies have discovered his little outpost and have managed to take it over.

According to our most recent reports, Moff Dardano does not currently know that his little side project has been targeted and aquired by an elite rebel squad. NOVACOM obviously does and that is why you are being sent in to clean up the mess.

First Mission Objective: resecure Whisper Base before the Rebels learn how to break Dardano’s encryption measures. Dealing with the rebels is left to your discretion. Obviously they are to be eliminated but it wouldn’t hurt to discover what they know. You are to do this without alerting Moff Dardano or Admiral Corlen.

Second Mission Objective: locate and secure Imperial Lieutenant Sarev and ascertain how much he knows. Be aware: Lieutenant Sarev for all intents and purposes is Dardano’s man. Under no circumstances should he be allowed to escape or contact Dardano. We would like to keep Moff Dardano in the dark until we learn just how much damage he has caused. Neutralize Sarev he becomes too much of a nuisance.

Third Mission Objective: although it is unlikely, secure and report any intelligence you might find regarding the insurgents. Example: command structure, other squads, locations of any hidden rebel bases, especially if they are in the Japreal system. Do they have a ship? Driods? Location? You know the drill.

Related Intel:
There are a few small villages out in the jungles made up human exiles of questionable character. It seems that Dardano has utilized at least one of these villages as a source of discreet labor to build Whisper Base.
The jungles are also home to a wide variety of apex predators known to hunt and eat humans. Be cautious in your approach to the target.
Some primitive tribes of humans have learned to tame and utilize the local fauna as a means of transportation and security. It is highly unlikely that you will run into any of these, but local reports in Iziz indicate these tribal gangs can be extremely hostile and dangerous.

Report back once you have completed these mission objectives. Use this secure line on the Vornskr. Remember, it is only a matter of time before the insurgent forces break Dardano’s codes and find out whatever he has been digging up on Admiral Corlen. Furthermore, it also only a matter of time before Moff Dardano realizes something is amiss out in his jungle bungalow and sends someone to investigate.

Commander Drumane Out

UMBRA Sq recordings: Operation - Jungle Storm

UMBRA Squad Communications
ABY 3.6.11
Private Communication between JF3-525 “Trowa” and Vil Maakzoor
Recorded by MEA

Trowa: Apologies Vil for not developing a plan of action with you before hand but time was of the essence and I believe we hold a tactical advantage now that we have her ship. I will follow your command and your lead but in matters of combat and tactics please trust in my judgement. As it currently stands we need more information. We should establish a direct link with her immediately and have her come to our ship and depart before anymore blood is spilt and before she can report in to the Moff. With your leadership and unique abilities and my military experience I believe Umbra Sq will rise quickly and serve the Empire to its fullest. Remember, power deserves loyalty, and loyal soldiers will add upon your power.

Vil: Mr. Trowa, your tactical prowess is not in question, but my strategic approach was proceeding as planned until Mr. Roach displayed erratic and irrational aggression which compromised a situation that I was controlling. There were too many unknown variables to risk a cantina confrontation, but now I concur that we must neutralize Lieutenant Mashar by whatever means. Moving forward I foresee a need for a stricter chain of command; if reason fails to rule then fear will do so.

Trowa: I fear that both Roach and Kahar may both be liabilities when it comes to covert actions it seems. I noticed on multiple occasions that I had to reign him in to prevent an altercation. We should keep this in mind for future operations.

Vil: Agreed. On the other hand Mr. Malek has thus far been a reliable and competent asset; perhaps we should look into more brain implants. What was that business with the screaming child and the grenade-lobbing father?

Trowa: I do not have any details on what happened prior to the grenade being thrown. I had everyone on a quick pace and only had enough time to deflect it before it slowed us too much. We will have to question the droid on what happened and figure out what to do about it then. I am happy to report that the combat capabilities from all personnel far exceeded my expectations, including Kobe and Shaq Sq.

Vil: Very good. As long as we can contain Mashar and avoid attracting further attention to — wait, is Mr. Roach buzzing the control tower?!


Kahar's Bestiary Files
Audio Log for Cannok

UMBRA Squad Communications
ABY 3.6.11
Audio-log from Kahar for his Bestiary files
Recorded by MEA
Note from MEA: The jungle noise has been automatically filtered out of this audio log.

Kahar here. Do I need to say that? I don’t know.
The Cannok is an interesting specimen here on Onderon. We encountered a group of them while making our way to Whisper Base and I had a chance to study their martial instincts. I hope this log will aid Stormtroopers in the future.
We were ambushed by the beasts as they laid waiting in the trees. There was little to no sign about their presence. I would describe their tactics as similar to Forntarchs. One seemed to test our abilities (or perhaps it displayed a lack of intelligence) by attacking one of our men on the ground. Foolish beast, getting in range of my axe.
Kahar makes a grunting laughing(?) noise. Trowa is heard in the background asking Kahar to keep it down.
You keep it down Trowa. Hrm. Anyways, we had the boy with us. Firil was his name. He showed promise in our initial encounter. I could feel his anger as he tried to strike me down. It was decided that he would travel with us as an ‘insurance party.’ No, that’s not right. Hey Vil, what’s the term for a hostage type thing? You know insurance something.
Yeah, that’s it, insurance Policy.
Seriously Kahar, do you want the whole damn jungle to hear you?
Trowa, this is important research stuff for future warriors of the Emperor.
Whatever. Just keep it down.
Anyways, I was beginning to teach the boys some Shii-Cho stances as they were taught to us. He showed great aptitude and he fought against the Cannoks well. But, like I said, similar to Forntarchs. It makes sense for a predator to attack the small and weak, and that’s exactly what the Cannoks did. So yeah, kid died, but we learned a lot about their tactics and that makes us better. He did die with honor holding onto his sword. His family will be proud to learn of his noble sacrifice to the cause.
Dammit Kahar, under no circumstances are you to talk to anyone about the boy’s death. Do you understand me? Can your feeble brain comprehend this?
I’m not an idiot Vil! Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Happy?
Sound of brush crashing. Trowa’s voice interjects: that’s it. I’m turning off this recording.

Mission Report: Operation Jungle Storm
Encrypted transmission from ISS Vornskr

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.6.12
Confidential Document

To: Commander >> OID # 42375
From: Umbra Squad >> Mister Sinister
Re: Operation Jungle Storm


I am pleased to report that the situation at Target Location has been favorably resolved. The facility has been secured and the intruders have been almost entirely eliminated with two individuals secured for further interrogation. Initial inquiries have identified them as Rego Tane and Grexi Taku of “Drevin Squad,” under the command of one Doma Alar who unfortunately narrowly escaped via a modified light freighter while we dealt with her accomplices. The enemy came from Mimban but are likely to be highly mobile.

We are analyzing our full data download to determine the full extent of the enemy’s activity, but it is clear they were monitoring Jyrele for more than two weeks prior to our arrival. Secondary objective was also successful and the officer in question is in our custody; I regret to say he was indeed compromised. Tertiary objective is ongoing but we have already gleaned the information above.

One minor complication was the behavior of Lieutenant Verala Mashar, who we ascertained was the supply pilot for Target Location in contravention of her chain of command. We naturally approached her as an entry vector but she foolishly involved her unauthorized superior and is even now paying a painful price for her irritating choice. I foresee no further difficulty on her front, as she has no information on our identities.

Overall squad performance was satisfactory, but substantial opportunity for improvement remains.

Mister Tactical demonstrated essential combat command capabilities and handled routine personnel management as necessary. Now that our respective authorities have been established I foresee no furtherance of the initial tensions that unsurprisingly arose between two men of will.

Mister Tattoo is of course a formidable and fearless warrior, but his bloodthirst and savage honor code can pose an impediment to subtlety and prisoner retention. But I am confident I can restrain those impulses within an acceptable range, and his obedience to our cause appears absolute.

I cannot say the same for Mister Twitch, who shows substantial piloting skill but exhibits a rash recklessness and penchant for impulsive irrationality that will require significant correction, at a minimum. I will endeavor to expeditiously effect the necessary change. His heart needs hardening.

Mister Brainbox has more than surpassed my skeptical expectations and proved vital to the operation. At the small cost of shallow flippancy, his technical prowess is indeed a potent asset of which we shall take maximum advantage. Still, I will remain vigilant for any sign of disloyalty.

Mister Metal remains enigmatic, but has followed orders without question. I am reserving judgment and keeping a close eye.

As for me, my power grows.

We are seeing to a few small outstanding details while we await your instructions as to the disposition of our passengers and our next deployment.

Empire Forever.

Mister Sinister Out

NOVACOM Communication - Confidential

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.7.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42814

Umbra Squad

I am reviewing your latest transmission and my mission specific response is almost complete. I’m forwarding you the latest Mission Punchlist from NOVACOM so that you can start planning your next operation. Send confirmation on any missions that you choose to execute.

Commander Drumane


Operation Jungle Fire – (Target Neutralization)
Region – Inner Rim
Sector – The Slice (Hapes Cluster)
System – Japreal
Planet – Onderon
Target – Moff Dardano
Priority – Level 2

The local Imperial Moff on Onderon has become compromised and must be eliminated.

Target must be neutralized with absolutely no witnesses. It would be best if the elimination was made to look like rebels or at least local militias. Under no circumstances can it appear that this is an Imperial Operation. Furthermore, no speculation of Moff Dardano’s demise should fall on Admiral Corlen, nor should the Jyrrene Base be put under threat in any way. Whisper Base and its capabilities is of extreme interest to NOVACOM and should not be put at risk. Under no circumstances should Admiral Corlen become aware of Whisper Base’s existence or what Moff Dardano was up to.

Suggested Course of Action:
1) Lure Moff Dardano out of the City of Iziz for neutralization in the jungles surrounding the city. This will likely involve eliminating any accompanying guards and/or entourage. Perhaps consider using Whisper Base. It is remote and unknown.
2) Eliminate Moff Dardano in Iziz. This would require the most diligent covert standards. No witnesses, quiet as possible, should appear to at least be an accident or rebel activity or spurned lover. Be creative, but suspicion must not point back to Imperial sources.

Operation Scythe – (Asset Recovery)
Region – Core Worlds
Sector – Innercore (Arrowhead)
System – Neimodia
Planet – Neimodia/ Cato Station
Asset – Artifact
Priority – Level 3

Freighter Ship Silver Star and crew has acquired a contraband artifact of great interest to the Emperor. The crew of the Silver Star are likely rebel sympathizers and the artifact could fall into the wrong hands. Retrieve artifact and report back for further instructions. More details about the artifact will be forthcoming for whatever squad chooses this mission.

The Silver Star is already on the Imperial Watch List so covert status is not required. The nature of the artifact however is somewhat sensitive and it would be best to keep its identity confidential. It might be useful to know if any of the crew know anything about potential buyers. The ship last known captain was a female Zabrak named Saral Aenat.
The ship was last seen leaving Cato Station orbiting Neimodia. Duke Irbian, station overseer, cited the ship for sedition and may know more about its wherabouts. The Duke is friend to the Empire and a useful connection to the Trade Federation. It would be best if this friendship remained in place.

Suggested Course of Action:
Travel to Cato Station, investigate the Silver Star, track down the ship and recover the artifact. Report back via secure lines for further instructions.

Operation Understory (Asset Recovery/Target Neutralization)

Region -Midrim
Sector – Western Reaches
System – Bespin
Planet – Bespin
Target – Artifact – Jewel of Yavin/Marus Greysun
Priority – Level 1

Travel to Bespin’s Cloud City and make contact with Marus Greysun. Greysun is a compromised Imperial administrator. He plans on stealing the Jewel of Yavin and possibly the auction winnings of the house. The so called Jewel of Yavin is corcusa gem and is on the B list for Imperial contraband. The jewel must be recovered, Marus must be eliminated, and intel on all the bidders must be recovered.

Marus Greysun must not know that you are Imperial agents. He is a betrayer to the Empire and is activity seeking to undermine its interests. He should be neutralized only after the Jewel is secured. This mission is to stay in covert status as long as possible. There are other Imperial interests on Cloud City that must not be compromised by undue alarm. The local Baron, Lando Calrissian, has managed to make this floundering mine productive again. His security should not be put at undue risk.

Suggested Course of Action:
Arrange a meeting with Marus Greysun. Gain his trust. Establish operational functions on Cloud City. Report back progress on secure channels.

Operation Crusher (Security Analysis/Asset Investigation)
Region – Innercore (Arrowhead)
Sector – Corellian
System – Phemis
Planet – Phemis
Objective – Test Local Security/Investigate Geological Phenomenon
Priority – Level 4

This is a low key mission, but leadership is keen on keeping this on the list.

This mission has two primary objectives:

  1. Phemis is a major mining asset for the Empire. It is the only known deposit of Rubat Crystals in the galaxy. Security was tested two cycles ago and found to be lacking. All personnel were replaced. A new test is now required. Squad is to gain clearance to Phemis as a geology scientist team with fake credentials. Assess security protocols and report back.
  2. Investigate new geological rifts and determine the security risk of any new Rubat crystal deposits

Phemis mining operations and security is highly classified. Operations are under the direction of Stormtrooper Commander NX – 794, also known within the ranks as “Ironarm”. His mettle should be put to the test, but not eliminated outright if it can be avoided. Your covert nature should be maintained until it is clear that security is tight or is a liability. Obviously, it be ill advised to majorly disrupt mining operations during the mission.

Suggested Course of Action:
Outfit transport for “Geological Survey” and attempt Phemis landing with false credentials. You are allowed to break cover once it is clear that protocols are tight. Otherwise, report back, and continue to conduct your assessment of the new rifts on the far side of the planet. Report back with progress via secure channels.

Operation Purge (Interrogation/Investigation)
Region – Outer Rim
Sector- Trailing Sector
Systerm – Eriadu
Planet – Eriadu
Target – Ashur Sungazer
Priority – Level 2

ISB recently tagged an outgoing message from Outer Rim Scholar Ashur Sungazer regarding highly classified subject material related to the Jedi. Sungazer was trying to make contact with smugglers known to be rebel sympathizers. These smugglers are somehow involved in investigating Jedi relics and other contraband. Contact should be made with Sungazer, find out the nature of his recent findings, and he should then be neutralized. If contact is made with the smugglers, wipe them out, all of them.

NOVACOM is very interested in this assignment remaining confidential and not under the scrutiny of ISB agents. Sungazer is a scholar of some renown working at Phelar University Archive. ISB has arranged for a new University Proctor (Eren Garari) to be installed. This proctor is an ISB agent and is mainly there to keep an eye on scholars of questionable nature. In the event that Garai is neutralized, it must not in any way link back to Umbra Squad. Nor should the nature of Sungazer’s disappearance or his course of study.

Suggested Course of Action:
Travel to Phelar on Eriadu and set up intel gathering in order to execute mission objectives covertly. Report back with progress on secure channels.

Operation Dead Water (Asset Requisition)

Region – Core
Sector- Northern Dependencies
Systerm – Brental
Planet – Brental
Target – Transport Ship and Cargo “Shadow Raptor”
Priority – Level 3

A large freighter carrying experimental Imperial Droids has been stolen by pirates sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance. Rebel operatives have bought this vessel from the pirates. The ship must be boarded, crew eliminated, cargo secured, and ship returned to the dockyards at Brentall.

Parameters: Cargo must not be compromised. Droids are of highest priority. Do not engage or activate droids. Shadow Raptor is expendable. Kill all rebels and/or witnesses. Secure any and all rebel intelligence on the ship.

Suggested Course of Action:
Quantum Squad successfully boarded The Shadow Raptor before hyperspace jump. Coordinates suggest Bothan Space as destination. Ship is currently in hyperspace. No reports from Quantum Squad.

NOVACOM Communication - Jungle Storm Briefing
Operation Jungle Storm - Progress Report

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.7.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42819
Operation Jungle Storm Debrief

Agent Maakzoor (aka Mister Sinister)

I received your recent mission report. Interesting use of code names. I trust that this holocom channel is indeed secure.

As for Operation Jungle Storm, word of Umbra Squads exploits reached my ears before your report. Yes, I reviewed the holonews feeds out of Iziz. I can only assume these were the results of Umbra Squad actions in the vicinity. I think a bit more subtly would be in order next time. Aerial dog fights in the air space above an Imperially controlled city is not what I would call a low profile. Rumors across the city involve stormtroopers blasting away civilians in the main ship yards. Tsk Tsk Agent Maakzoor!

Fortunately for Umbra Squad, Moff Dardona has created all manner of fictions to cover this up, but he is suspicious. All intel reports that he is eyeing Admiral Corlen. The admiral is entirely in the dark for the time being which is a boon. Let’s hope it stays that way. It was a bit of a risk on your part to involve one of Moff Dardano’s direct operatives. I hope Mr. Malek was able to cover your tracks. Let the Moff and the Admiral suspect each other for now.

Congratulations are in order however for securing Whisper Base. This will be a useful asset for NOVACOM now that Moff Dardano has been relieved of it. I hope that Kahar and Trowa have not made too much of a mess there. It’s a pity that the Rebels were able to have the run of the place for two weeks before we could secure it. Moff Dardano will be paying dearly for his little operational blunder. Please see the current Mission Punchlist if Umbra Squad would like to take part in this reprisal.

As for the two rebel operatives, commence interrogations immediately. We have heard a few reports regarding Drevin Squad. See what information you can squeeze out of this Rego and Grexi regarding any current Rebel movements or centers of operation. It will also be of interest to see what type of information this Doma Alar was trying to gleam from Admiral Corlin’s Navy Communications. Dispose of the operatives and Lieutenant Sarev once they are of no more use. I’m afraid it is quite necessary for you to eliminate any civilian witnesses regarding the location and knowledge of Whisper Base. We can’t have any loose tongues out there. Might I suggest that Agent Flynn play an important role in any civilian neutralizations. His decision matrix may need reconditioning.

I am pleased to hear that the other Umbra Squad operatives are shaping up into something manageable. Report back once you have centered on a new course of action and if there are any intensified personnel issues.

Just a Dream
A Vision of Vil Maakzoor

The darkness surrounds him, and binds him, engulfing and consuming. The frigid emptiness of starless voids fills Vil’s being, pulling him down into oblivion … but he will not go peacefully. “Peace is a lie,” he hisses, clinging to his desperate anger, “there is only passion … through passion I gain strength … through strength I gain power!” He embraces his hate, joining with it, becoming it, and burning away the smothering bleakness with the fury of his wrath. Vil smiles. “Through power I gain victory!” He lashes out with his voice. “Through victory my chains are broken!” The darkness submits before his triumphant laughter. “HAAAAAhahahahahahaaaa!”

A voice echoes him, distant, screaming. Faces flash before him, writhing in agony … the old woman in the village, Mashar tortured by Dardano, Flynn reconditioned by the Davek sisters … no, it is Jenzara. He moves toward her, through a hazy sun-streaked sky, through a city in the clouds. Her pain is right, how can it hurt him? He cannot relent, not again … “You must let me go, or kill me,” she says, then and now, and yet to come. Tears in his eyes, just a memory, just a dream, it must be … he reaches for her, sobbing, clasping his hands around her throat. “Stop,” he whispers to her, clenching at her life, “You must stop …”

Her mouth opens as she chokes, but there is no plea, only fire … the Jungle Fire, thousands of voices suddenly crying out in terror, then suddenly silenced. No blood on his hands, but burning ash raining downs in flickering cinders all about him. She is gone, he is alone in the ruination he has wrought, the embers piling up around him, surrounding him, and binding him …

He gasps awake, soaked in sweat. The dream is done, but in its last tendrils he hears the faintest chuckle in his mind: “Good … good …”

UMBRA Sq Mission Report
Operation Jungle Fire

UMBRA Squad secure transmission to Commander Drumane
ABY 3.7.05
Mission Report “Operation Jungle Fire”
Sender: JF3-525 “Trowa”

BLUF: Mission Successful Based on mission parameters, Moff Dardano taken into custody, Whisper Base still intact

Mission Details:
A plan was formulated in order to lure Moff Dardano out to Whisper base in order to eliminate him as recommended. Unfortunately the Moff grew suspicious of us and sent a 3 battalions of troopers equipped with AT-STs, Tie-Fighters, and a modified Command AT-AT in order to retake the base. Since Inferno Sq was present and ready to assist in anyway, “Mr Sinister” volunteered Umbra Sq to be a strike team against the Moffs position and leave defending the base to Inferno Sq. The Strike team consisted of “Mr Sinister”, Trowa, Kahar, NOMAD, and the Inferno Sq member Bronk. Upon arriving to the Moffs location it was quickly identified that we would not be able to fight out way in. We lured out a small patrol into the Jungle, eliminated them and myself and “Mr Sinister” assumed there identity with Kahar and Bronk acting as captured locals. After failing to infiltrate the Command AT-AT and Kahar and Bronk being taken inside and put into cells, “Mr. Sinister” and I located a Tie bomber with a high yield bomb attached to it. Acting upon the assumption that Kahar and Bronk were actually captives, the two of us high jacked the Tie bomber and used it against the Moff. The area of effect was a 25-mile radius from the point wiping out all of the Moffs forces. Upon searching the wreckage of the AT-AT 3 survivors were found, Kahar with a missing arm, Bronk and Moff Dardano. Dardano has been taken into custody and handed over to Inferno Sq for questioning in order to find out the extent of his traitorous acts against the Empire. Hopefully they will be able to identify and re-purpose his assets for the Empire. As far as the forces under his control that were aware of his actions, estimated 95% of them have been wiped out during his assault on Whisper base.

Also, there may be a loose end we may need to take care of. Before the attack on Whisper base, we received a coded transmission from an unknown source warning us about the impending attack. I have attached a file of the recording along with all pertinent data. Please have the tech guys look at it in order to identify the sender.

Recommended cover story:
The Moff was conducting a military exercise when Rebel terrorists detonated the high yield explosive.

Requisition request: Prosthetic arm for Kahar along with medical personnel trained to attach it. Parts to repair NOMAD along with the mechanics familiar with his design.

“Mr Sinister” has shown much interest on Operation Understory and would like to know the status of that mission along with if its still available.
Kahar has improved with his squad based tactics and patience. Reinstating control access to MEA.
Rezzos reconditioning with the Davek Sisters has seemed to be very effecting. Will continue to monitor his status. Reinstating control access to MEA.
Rami has been invaluable when working with the computers. Will continue to monitor to ensure his allegiances are true to the Empire.
NOMAD continues to be quite resilient, adaptable, and follows orders without any hint of hesitation.

As a final note, we would like to formally change our Sq name from Umbra Sq to Chaos Sq. I have noticed that we thrive when things go wrong and under the blanket of chaos, we successfully complete the mission.

Glory to the Empire

Kahar's debriefing

UMBRA Squad Communications
ABY 3.7.06
Audio-log debriefing from Kahar
Recorded by MEA

Kahar, I need to ask you a few questions for the files. Are you ready to talk about what happened on Onderon?

I am.

What was your role in the Jungle Storm?

I teamed with Bronk and we were tasked with infiltrating the AT-AT in an effort to wrest control from the Moff.

How did you manage that?

Bronk and I decided to be stealthy and smart. We were transferred to the AT-AT as captives.

And the plan then?

We decided that we would wait for an opening and strike. It was difficult from the cell we were in. Bronk came up with a plan to use a thermal detonator to blast our way out. And then we began slaughtering the soldiers inside.

Explain what happened next

It was sudden. The explosion I mean. The walls crashing in, screams suddenly silenced. The sound of the walker as the metal quickly ground together echoed throughout. Then I was flying. I’m not sure how I managed to escape the crush of the durasteel walls, but there I was. It was…it was different.

Were you afraid?

A true Mandalorian is never afraid.

Okay, what could help others survive such an event?

Besides training and good armor, I am not sure. I do not know why death did not greet me or Bronk for that matter on that day. The design of the AT-AT was no help for most of the passengers. Perhaps it was our constant training on the front lines which enabled us to survive.

You sustained several injuries. Are you capable to fight?

I have trained in using my left arm in combat and I should be sufficient. I understand a replacement is ready for my right arm. I was having difficulty seeing out of my right eye, but I have had much of the dead flesh pulled away from it and a basic mask which allows me to see. As long as I can hold a weapon and see the foe, I am capable to fight.

Good. Now this question may be hard for you. Do you harbor ill will to your squad for using the bomb?

No. They did what had to be done in order to finish the mission.

Even though they maimed you?

An arm and part of a face is a worthy sacrifice for the Empire.

No further questions. Your services will be needed again soon. Rest.


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