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UMBRA Sq Mission Report

Operation Jungle Fire

UMBRA Squad secure transmission to Commander Drumane
ABY 3.7.05
Mission Report “Operation Jungle Fire”
Sender: JF3-525 “Trowa”

BLUF: Mission Successful Based on mission parameters, Moff Dardano taken into custody, Whisper Base still intact

Mission Details:
A plan was formulated in order to lure Moff Dardano out to Whisper base in order to eliminate him as recommended. Unfortunately the Moff grew suspicious of us and sent a 3 battalions of troopers equipped with AT-STs, Tie-Fighters, and a modified Command AT-AT in order to retake the base. Since Inferno Sq was present and ready to assist in anyway, “Mr Sinister” volunteered Umbra Sq to be a strike team against the Moffs position and leave defending the base to Inferno Sq. The Strike team consisted of “Mr Sinister”, Trowa, Kahar, NOMAD, and the Inferno Sq member Bronk. Upon arriving to the Moffs location it was quickly identified that we would not be able to fight out way in. We lured out a small patrol into the Jungle, eliminated them and myself and “Mr Sinister” assumed there identity with Kahar and Bronk acting as captured locals. After failing to infiltrate the Command AT-AT and Kahar and Bronk being taken inside and put into cells, “Mr. Sinister” and I located a Tie bomber with a high yield bomb attached to it. Acting upon the assumption that Kahar and Bronk were actually captives, the two of us high jacked the Tie bomber and used it against the Moff. The area of effect was a 25-mile radius from the point wiping out all of the Moffs forces. Upon searching the wreckage of the AT-AT 3 survivors were found, Kahar with a missing arm, Bronk and Moff Dardano. Dardano has been taken into custody and handed over to Inferno Sq for questioning in order to find out the extent of his traitorous acts against the Empire. Hopefully they will be able to identify and re-purpose his assets for the Empire. As far as the forces under his control that were aware of his actions, estimated 95% of them have been wiped out during his assault on Whisper base.

Also, there may be a loose end we may need to take care of. Before the attack on Whisper base, we received a coded transmission from an unknown source warning us about the impending attack. I have attached a file of the recording along with all pertinent data. Please have the tech guys look at it in order to identify the sender.

Recommended cover story:
The Moff was conducting a military exercise when Rebel terrorists detonated the high yield explosive.

Requisition request: Prosthetic arm for Kahar along with medical personnel trained to attach it. Parts to repair NOMAD along with the mechanics familiar with his design.

“Mr Sinister” has shown much interest on Operation Understory and would like to know the status of that mission along with if its still available.
Kahar has improved with his squad based tactics and patience. Reinstating control access to MEA.
Rezzos reconditioning with the Davek Sisters has seemed to be very effecting. Will continue to monitor his status. Reinstating control access to MEA.
Rami has been invaluable when working with the computers. Will continue to monitor to ensure his allegiances are true to the Empire.
NOMAD continues to be quite resilient, adaptable, and follows orders without any hint of hesitation.

As a final note, we would like to formally change our Sq name from Umbra Sq to Chaos Sq. I have noticed that we thrive when things go wrong and under the blanket of chaos, we successfully complete the mission.

Glory to the Empire


Great Job Trowa! I will work on a response from Commander Drumane.

UMBRA Sq Mission Report

5 xp for you.

UMBRA Sq Mission Report

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