Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

NOVACOM Communication - Confidential


NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.7.03
Confidential Document

Commander Drumane
OID # 42814

Umbra Squad

I am reviewing your latest transmission and my mission specific response is almost complete. I’m forwarding you the latest Mission Punchlist from NOVACOM so that you can start planning your next operation. Send confirmation on any missions that you choose to execute.

Commander Drumane


Operation Jungle Fire – (Target Neutralization)
Region – Inner Rim
Sector – The Slice (Hapes Cluster)
System – Japreal
Planet – Onderon
Target – Moff Dardano
Priority – Level 2

The local Imperial Moff on Onderon has become compromised and must be eliminated.

Target must be neutralized with absolutely no witnesses. It would be best if the elimination was made to look like rebels or at least local militias. Under no circumstances can it appear that this is an Imperial Operation. Furthermore, no speculation of Moff Dardano’s demise should fall on Admiral Corlen, nor should the Jyrrene Base be put under threat in any way. Whisper Base and its capabilities is of extreme interest to NOVACOM and should not be put at risk. Under no circumstances should Admiral Corlen become aware of Whisper Base’s existence or what Moff Dardano was up to.

Suggested Course of Action:
1) Lure Moff Dardano out of the City of Iziz for neutralization in the jungles surrounding the city. This will likely involve eliminating any accompanying guards and/or entourage. Perhaps consider using Whisper Base. It is remote and unknown.
2) Eliminate Moff Dardano in Iziz. This would require the most diligent covert standards. No witnesses, quiet as possible, should appear to at least be an accident or rebel activity or spurned lover. Be creative, but suspicion must not point back to Imperial sources.

Operation Scythe – (Asset Recovery)
Region – Core Worlds
Sector – Innercore (Arrowhead)
System – Neimodia
Planet – Neimodia/ Cato Station
Asset – Artifact
Priority – Level 3

Freighter Ship Silver Star and crew has acquired a contraband artifact of great interest to the Emperor. The crew of the Silver Star are likely rebel sympathizers and the artifact could fall into the wrong hands. Retrieve artifact and report back for further instructions. More details about the artifact will be forthcoming for whatever squad chooses this mission.

The Silver Star is already on the Imperial Watch List so covert status is not required. The nature of the artifact however is somewhat sensitive and it would be best to keep its identity confidential. It might be useful to know if any of the crew know anything about potential buyers. The ship last known captain was a female Zabrak named Saral Aenat.
The ship was last seen leaving Cato Station orbiting Neimodia. Duke Irbian, station overseer, cited the ship for sedition and may know more about its wherabouts. The Duke is friend to the Empire and a useful connection to the Trade Federation. It would be best if this friendship remained in place.

Suggested Course of Action:
Travel to Cato Station, investigate the Silver Star, track down the ship and recover the artifact. Report back via secure lines for further instructions.

Operation Understory (Asset Recovery/Target Neutralization)

Region -Midrim
Sector – Western Reaches
System – Bespin
Planet – Bespin
Target – Artifact – Jewel of Yavin/Marus Greysun
Priority – Level 1

Travel to Bespin’s Cloud City and make contact with Marus Greysun. Greysun is a compromised Imperial administrator. He plans on stealing the Jewel of Yavin and possibly the auction winnings of the house. The so called Jewel of Yavin is corcusa gem and is on the B list for Imperial contraband. The jewel must be recovered, Marus must be eliminated, and intel on all the bidders must be recovered.

Marus Greysun must not know that you are Imperial agents. He is a betrayer to the Empire and is activity seeking to undermine its interests. He should be neutralized only after the Jewel is secured. This mission is to stay in covert status as long as possible. There are other Imperial interests on Cloud City that must not be compromised by undue alarm. The local Baron, Lando Calrissian, has managed to make this floundering mine productive again. His security should not be put at undue risk.

Suggested Course of Action:
Arrange a meeting with Marus Greysun. Gain his trust. Establish operational functions on Cloud City. Report back progress on secure channels.

Operation Crusher (Security Analysis/Asset Investigation)
Region – Innercore (Arrowhead)
Sector – Corellian
System – Phemis
Planet – Phemis
Objective – Test Local Security/Investigate Geological Phenomenon
Priority – Level 4

This is a low key mission, but leadership is keen on keeping this on the list.

This mission has two primary objectives:

  1. Phemis is a major mining asset for the Empire. It is the only known deposit of Rubat Crystals in the galaxy. Security was tested two cycles ago and found to be lacking. All personnel were replaced. A new test is now required. Squad is to gain clearance to Phemis as a geology scientist team with fake credentials. Assess security protocols and report back.
  2. Investigate new geological rifts and determine the security risk of any new Rubat crystal deposits

Phemis mining operations and security is highly classified. Operations are under the direction of Stormtrooper Commander NX – 794, also known within the ranks as “Ironarm”. His mettle should be put to the test, but not eliminated outright if it can be avoided. Your covert nature should be maintained until it is clear that security is tight or is a liability. Obviously, it be ill advised to majorly disrupt mining operations during the mission.

Suggested Course of Action:
Outfit transport for “Geological Survey” and attempt Phemis landing with false credentials. You are allowed to break cover once it is clear that protocols are tight. Otherwise, report back, and continue to conduct your assessment of the new rifts on the far side of the planet. Report back with progress via secure channels.

Operation Purge (Interrogation/Investigation)
Region – Outer Rim
Sector- Trailing Sector
Systerm – Eriadu
Planet – Eriadu
Target – Ashur Sungazer
Priority – Level 2

ISB recently tagged an outgoing message from Outer Rim Scholar Ashur Sungazer regarding highly classified subject material related to the Jedi. Sungazer was trying to make contact with smugglers known to be rebel sympathizers. These smugglers are somehow involved in investigating Jedi relics and other contraband. Contact should be made with Sungazer, find out the nature of his recent findings, and he should then be neutralized. If contact is made with the smugglers, wipe them out, all of them.

NOVACOM is very interested in this assignment remaining confidential and not under the scrutiny of ISB agents. Sungazer is a scholar of some renown working at Phelar University Archive. ISB has arranged for a new University Proctor (Eren Garari) to be installed. This proctor is an ISB agent and is mainly there to keep an eye on scholars of questionable nature. In the event that Garai is neutralized, it must not in any way link back to Umbra Squad. Nor should the nature of Sungazer’s disappearance or his course of study.

Suggested Course of Action:
Travel to Phelar on Eriadu and set up intel gathering in order to execute mission objectives covertly. Report back with progress on secure channels.

Operation Dead Water (Asset Requisition)

Region – Core
Sector- Northern Dependencies
Systerm – Brental
Planet – Brental
Target – Transport Ship and Cargo “Shadow Raptor”
Priority – Level 3

A large freighter carrying experimental Imperial Droids has been stolen by pirates sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance. Rebel operatives have bought this vessel from the pirates. The ship must be boarded, crew eliminated, cargo secured, and ship returned to the dockyards at Brentall.

Parameters: Cargo must not be compromised. Droids are of highest priority. Do not engage or activate droids. Shadow Raptor is expendable. Kill all rebels and/or witnesses. Secure any and all rebel intelligence on the ship.

Suggested Course of Action:
Quantum Squad successfully boarded The Shadow Raptor before hyperspace jump. Coordinates suggest Bothan Space as destination. Ship is currently in hyperspace. No reports from Quantum Squad.



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