Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Mission Report: Operation Jungle Storm

Encrypted transmission from ISS Vornskr

NOVACOM Communications
ABY 3.6.12
Confidential Document

To: Commander >> OID # 42375
From: Umbra Squad >> Mister Sinister
Re: Operation Jungle Storm


I am pleased to report that the situation at Target Location has been favorably resolved. The facility has been secured and the intruders have been almost entirely eliminated with two individuals secured for further interrogation. Initial inquiries have identified them as Rego Tane and Grexi Taku of “Drevin Squad,” under the command of one Doma Alar who unfortunately narrowly escaped via a modified light freighter while we dealt with her accomplices. The enemy came from Mimban but are likely to be highly mobile.

We are analyzing our full data download to determine the full extent of the enemy’s activity, but it is clear they were monitoring Jyrele for more than two weeks prior to our arrival. Secondary objective was also successful and the officer in question is in our custody; I regret to say he was indeed compromised. Tertiary objective is ongoing but we have already gleaned the information above.

One minor complication was the behavior of Lieutenant Verala Mashar, who we ascertained was the supply pilot for Target Location in contravention of her chain of command. We naturally approached her as an entry vector but she foolishly involved her unauthorized superior and is even now paying a painful price for her irritating choice. I foresee no further difficulty on her front, as she has no information on our identities.

Overall squad performance was satisfactory, but substantial opportunity for improvement remains.

Mister Tactical demonstrated essential combat command capabilities and handled routine personnel management as necessary. Now that our respective authorities have been established I foresee no furtherance of the initial tensions that unsurprisingly arose between two men of will.

Mister Tattoo is of course a formidable and fearless warrior, but his bloodthirst and savage honor code can pose an impediment to subtlety and prisoner retention. But I am confident I can restrain those impulses within an acceptable range, and his obedience to our cause appears absolute.

I cannot say the same for Mister Twitch, who shows substantial piloting skill but exhibits a rash recklessness and penchant for impulsive irrationality that will require significant correction, at a minimum. I will endeavor to expeditiously effect the necessary change. His heart needs hardening.

Mister Brainbox has more than surpassed my skeptical expectations and proved vital to the operation. At the small cost of shallow flippancy, his technical prowess is indeed a potent asset of which we shall take maximum advantage. Still, I will remain vigilant for any sign of disloyalty.

Mister Metal remains enigmatic, but has followed orders without question. I am reserving judgment and keeping a close eye.

As for me, my power grows.

We are seeing to a few small outstanding details while we await your instructions as to the disposition of our passengers and our next deployment.

Empire Forever.

Mister Sinister Out


Nice job Jack. 5 XP awarded.


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