Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Kahar's debriefing

UMBRA Squad Communications
ABY 3.7.06
Audio-log debriefing from Kahar
Recorded by MEA

Kahar, I need to ask you a few questions for the files. Are you ready to talk about what happened on Onderon?

I am.

What was your role in the Jungle Storm?

I teamed with Bronk and we were tasked with infiltrating the AT-AT in an effort to wrest control from the Moff.

How did you manage that?

Bronk and I decided to be stealthy and smart. We were transferred to the AT-AT as captives.

And the plan then?

We decided that we would wait for an opening and strike. It was difficult from the cell we were in. Bronk came up with a plan to use a thermal detonator to blast our way out. And then we began slaughtering the soldiers inside.

Explain what happened next

It was sudden. The explosion I mean. The walls crashing in, screams suddenly silenced. The sound of the walker as the metal quickly ground together echoed throughout. Then I was flying. I’m not sure how I managed to escape the crush of the durasteel walls, but there I was. It was…it was different.

Were you afraid?

A true Mandalorian is never afraid.

Okay, what could help others survive such an event?

Besides training and good armor, I am not sure. I do not know why death did not greet me or Bronk for that matter on that day. The design of the AT-AT was no help for most of the passengers. Perhaps it was our constant training on the front lines which enabled us to survive.

You sustained several injuries. Are you capable to fight?

I have trained in using my left arm in combat and I should be sufficient. I understand a replacement is ready for my right arm. I was having difficulty seeing out of my right eye, but I have had much of the dead flesh pulled away from it and a basic mask which allows me to see. As long as I can hold a weapon and see the foe, I am capable to fight.

Good. Now this question may be hard for you. Do you harbor ill will to your squad for using the bomb?

No. They did what had to be done in order to finish the mission.

Even though they maimed you?

An arm and part of a face is a worthy sacrifice for the Empire.

No further questions. Your services will be needed again soon. Rest.


Very nice Jacob. 5 xp for you.

Kahar's debriefing

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