Umbra Squad - The Adventures of an Imperial Covert Operations Cell

Just a Dream

A Vision of Vil Maakzoor

The darkness surrounds him, and binds him, engulfing and consuming. The frigid emptiness of starless voids fills Vil’s being, pulling him down into oblivion … but he will not go peacefully. “Peace is a lie,” he hisses, clinging to his desperate anger, “there is only passion … through passion I gain strength … through strength I gain power!” He embraces his hate, joining with it, becoming it, and burning away the smothering bleakness with the fury of his wrath. Vil smiles. “Through power I gain victory!” He lashes out with his voice. “Through victory my chains are broken!” The darkness submits before his triumphant laughter. “HAAAAAhahahahahahaaaa!”

A voice echoes him, distant, screaming. Faces flash before him, writhing in agony … the old woman in the village, Mashar tortured by Dardano, Flynn reconditioned by the Davek sisters … no, it is Jenzara. He moves toward her, through a hazy sun-streaked sky, through a city in the clouds. Her pain is right, how can it hurt him? He cannot relent, not again … “You must let me go, or kill me,” she says, then and now, and yet to come. Tears in his eyes, just a memory, just a dream, it must be … he reaches for her, sobbing, clasping his hands around her throat. “Stop,” he whispers to her, clenching at her life, “You must stop …”

Her mouth opens as she chokes, but there is no plea, only fire … the Jungle Fire, thousands of voices suddenly crying out in terror, then suddenly silenced. No blood on his hands, but burning ash raining downs in flickering cinders all about him. She is gone, he is alone in the ruination he has wrought, the embers piling up around him, surrounding him, and binding him …

He gasps awake, soaked in sweat. The dream is done, but in its last tendrils he hears the faintest chuckle in his mind: “Good … good …”


Oooh! So, so good! Nice job Vil. I love it! 5 xp.

Just a Dream

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